Manifold Mounting

Many Roemheld Power Workholding components can be manifold mounted...powered directly through fluid passages drilled in a fixture. This unique mounting capability eliminates tubing and hoses in the working area, for clean fixtures without chip traps. Even fluid passages longer than your drilling capacity are possible by drilling shorter passages in separate blocks, then connecting them using connecting inserts.

Perhaps most important, manifold mounting lets you put clamps and work supports closer together and in tighter spots (often letting you place more workpieces on a fixture).

Installing Threaded-Body Components with Sealing Washers

For easiest installation, we recommend the above procedure (Step 1 through 6). For proper sealing, the tapped hole's bottom must be flat, with a surface finish 125 RMS or better and perpendicular to the hole's axis. A small drill-point is allowable (see component's catalog page for dimensions). A delrin sealing washer for the hole bottom is furnished with each component. Do not use sealing compound or teflon tape.

Installing Components with O-ring Ports

Mounting surface should be ground flat with a 32 RMS or better surface finish, so that the O-ring seals properly. Torque mounting screws evenly. Do not use sealing compound or teflon tape.

Connecting Plates Together with Connecting Inserts

Use to connect fluid passages which pass through two pieces of the fixture. Insert has O-ring seals, top and bottom. Do not use sealing compound or teflon tape.

Plugging Drilled Passages

To plug the end of a drilled manifold passage, install an Expanding Plug. Drill .3150/.3161 diameter hole to .375 depth. Insert Expanding Plug to bottom of drill-point. Drive ball to depth shown for proper sealing. Do not use sealing compound or teflon tape.

1/4 BSPP Port Fitting

Port Fittings

Standard port fitting found in virtually all Roemheld Power Workholding components. To use for custom manifolds, order special bottoming tap for installation, part number CLR- 514-TL. Drill, tap (5/8-inch minimum depth) and spotface. Do not use sealing compound or teflon tape.