Operating Pressure

Although most Roemheld Power Workholding components operate comfortably and safely at up to 7500 psi, we recommend selecting a standard "design pressure" of 5000-6000 psi for workholding fixtures.

Designing at 6000 psi, for example, gives you most of the compactness benefits of high pressures, yet leaves a 25% reserve in case you find that you need additional holding force after building the fixture. Adjust up or down if necessary after checking the fixture. We recommend permanently labeling or stamping the fixture with the chosen operating pressure, for future reference. Operating at low pressures is somewhat a waste of our components' capabilities, but may occasionally be desirable with delicate workpieces. Whenever possible, stay with high pressures and use smaller clamps for better economy and minimum size. Minimum operating pressure is generally 1500 psi using an Electric Power Unit, or 2200 psi using an Air Power Unit. Work supports require at least 1500 psi. Please note, a few products in this catalog are limited to pressure lower than 7500 psi. To use these components in full-pressure systems, use a Pressure Reducing Valve.