Carr Lane Mfg. is a recognized leader in mold components with a complete line of products from Alignment Pins and Bushings to ROEMEHLD Block Cylinders.  

Mold Components from Carr Lane Mfg. are available in a variety of sizes, styles and materials in both Inch and Metric sizes. Incredible 0.0005” tolerances allow for individual Alignment Pins and Bushings to be replaced separately eliminating the need to replace both components. Additional products from Carr Lane Mfg. support Mold, design, build, and Maintenance, like Specialty Hardware and Special Lifting Products. Explore our complete line below.  

Core Activating Block Cylinders

ROEMHELD Block Cylinders for use as Core Activators are available standard with Aluminum or Bronze bodies to ensure piston position sensing. Double-Acting function ensures a safe, consistent and reliable process when pushing and pulling. Several mounting types are also provided for making these cylinders easy to retrofit into existing molds. For high temperature applications, up to 150C, Viton seals are available.  

Mold and Mold Component Machining

Carr Lane Mfg. and ROEMHELD offer a variety of workpiece clamping and positioning products well equipped to meet the challenges of machining Molds and Mold Components in difficult to machine materials and 5 Axis work centers.  

Core Body Load & Compression Calculator

When considering an actuator for injection molding applications use this calculator to help you size hydraulic core pulling cylinders.