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L Pins, T Pins, and Jig Pins

Alignment Pins

Proudly made in the USA, Carr Lane L Pins, T Pins and Jig Pins feature a precision-ground pin diameter for accurately aligning holes. L Pins and T Pins are removable locating pins with a sturdy assembly, featuring a handle end with a small hole for attaching optional cable. Both L Pins and T Pins are available in various diameters and pin lengths. Jig Pins are similar to L Pins and T Pins but feature an integral shoulder to keep the handle raised. Carr Lane also offers locking L Pins and T Pins featuring a lockscrew designed to positively hold bushings into place. Locking Pin Bushings, Captive Jig Pins and Shoulder Pins are also included in this category. Browse Carr Lane’s extensive offerings of T Pins, L Pins and Jig Pins below.