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Ball Plungers

Spring-Loaded Devices

Ball Plungers are self-contained ball-and-spring devices, often used in rolling and detent applications. In this product line, Carr Lane offers a wide assortment of ball plungers, including Press Fit Ball Plungers, Ball Detents and Self-Retaining Ball Plungers. Standard Carr Lane Ball Plungers are available in five different versions, including steel, stainless steel, Delrin, Stainless Steel with a Delrin® ball and full Delrin® featuring a Delrin® ball. For installation in softer materials, such as aluminum, wood or plastic, consider Carr Lane’s line of Press Fit Ball Plungers. Ball Detents are available in sizes to fit all Carr Lane Ball Plungers, providing smooth detent action and reliable retention. Browse all Carr Lane Ball Plungers and Ball Detents below.