Power Workholding Devices

State-of-the-Art Hydraulic and Pneumatic Clamping

Swiftsure® Power Workholding devices -- compact, yet able to operate comfortably at 7,500 psi -- are available from Carr Lane Roemheld.

The Swiftsure® line provides a full range of state-of-the-art clamps, which are air and hydraulically powered. More than 100 different types of power workholding devices are available, allowing you to do many things impossible with earlier systems. 

Included in the Swiftsure® line are flexible clamping systems, swing clamps, push clamps and cylinders, work supports, coupling systems, concentric clamping elements, vises, valves, power units and much more.

The fittings are JIC 37-degree standard, which connect easily, ensure positive sealing, and often are used on fighter and commercial aircraft, and for systems requiring manifold mounting.

View all the Swiftsure® Power Workholding products in Carr Lane Manufacturing's online catalog. For more information, visit Carr Lane Roemheld's website directly.