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Ball Lock Pins

Ball Lock Pins & Quick-Release Pins

Ball Lock Pins are high-strength, quick-release alignment pins with a precision ground shank. They are positive locking until released by pushing the button, which moves the center spindle forward to allow the locking balls to retract (a double-acting version of ball lock pins releases by pushing or pulling).

Because they are quick-acting, Ball Lock Pins have a wide variety of applications for use fastening, locating and alignment. 

Carr Lane manufactures high-quality, industry-leading ball lock pins, including heavy-duty Ball Lock Pins, adjustable Ball Lock Pins, lifting pins, marine pins, double acting Ball Lock Pins and ball lock receiver caps in the USA.  
Most Carr Lane ball lock pin varieties are in-stock and shipped same-day.  Browse the full line of Carr Lane ball lock pins below in our online catalog.  

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