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ROEMHELD Lifting Modules

ROEMHELD Assembly & Lifting

Lifting modules are base units that can be used for controlled lifting and lowering of loads, or simply for convenient height adjustment. These sturdy units feature quick manual-hydraulic operation to allow performing a wide range of work at an ergonomically optimum height. Lifting-stroke movement is obtained hydraulically, with fluid being pumped manually by a foot-lever-actuated piston pump into a plunger cylinder. When the foot lever is lifted for retraction, fluid returns from the cylinder back to the reservoir due to the weight of the load, at a controlled lowering speed.

Lifting modules are available in the four increasing strength levels shown below, providing an ideal match for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications:

      • Basic                     97mm-square aluminum column (225 lbs lifting force)
      • Shop Floor           150mm-square aluminum column (450 to 1350 lbs lifting force)
      • Strong Industrial  150mm-square steel column (1350 lbs lifting force)
      • Solid Industrial     191mm-square steel column (900 to 1350 lbs lifting force)