Let Our Engineers Assist You

Carr Lane Manufacturing's business is helping customers do their work -- helping them increase quality and productivity. We don't just sell pieces of steel (standard tooling components), we provide complete information about those pieces of steel and how they can be used productively.

Part of our product information can be found in our print and online catalogs, but if you have a specific question, we encourage you to call and speak with someone in our engineering department by calling 314.647.6200 or emailing us at engineering@carrlane.com. We get questions all day long about how to use products, or about specifications and limitations of the products in extreme conditions. Perhaps you are looking for a special variation to a product. Even if you just aren't sure which product to use, call us and talk through your need with someone knowledgeable here at Carr Lane Manufacturing. 

We love to answer questions about our products so whether you are a novice or the most experienced tool engineer in the world, please contact us with any question you have! We bring generations of experience to each conversation, from hands-on tool-and-die work to the latest engineering theory.